The Wool Merchant, The shops at Dartington, Shinners Bridge, Dartington. DEVON TQ9 6TQ

Open 7 days a week

Tel: 01803 866499


Come and visit us in Dartington

It is with sadness that we have had to close the Tiverton branch of The Wool Merchant and I would like to thank all our loyal customers for their continued support. Dawn Jane and Chris look forward to seeing you at the New Dartington shop which having been open now for 6 months is proving very successful.

In appreciation of our loyal customers we are offering 10% off at the Dartington shop and will soon be issuing loyalty cards. Just bring along any receipts from either shop. When they add up to £100 you will be entitled to the loyalty discount. To our longstanding customers from Tiverton don't worry if you can't find or haven't kept all your receipts....we know who you are and you will be made very welcome at the new shop.

If you can keep your business

When all about are losing theirs, and blaming it on recession and the internet

If you can trust yourself when all the odds are stacked against you

But turn a profit, not be in debt

If you can wait for business rates to be assessed, and not be tired of waiting, or being lied to by cold callers claiming that appeal success may grant relief

Or paying through the nose to trade, while high streets fail, and come to grief

And yet appeal, achieve a hearing and still fail.

If you can dream that working hard would bring fair gain, and not expect it so

If you can think of a living wage ad not make profit your aim

If you can meet the rent and rates and beat recession and online trading

If you can bear to hear that government delayed assessing rates for fear of losing revenue, only to reduce two years too late

Or watch whilst those who wield the power waste funding promised for improvements and ape around while shops fall empty

If you can work all hours, and take no gain from your own labours

If you can force hour heart and nerve and sinew to serve your customers and so hold on

When there is nothing in you

Except the will that says 'hold on!'

If you can talk with suppliers who are failing, cutting back, or struggling to survive - and still have stock

If neither council nor landlord can help

If all your loyal customers by their support can't win

If all your friends and family, volunteers and staff through their undying efforts and support cannot prevail

If you can fill the unforgiving till with coin

Yours is the Net Profit and all its benefit

And, which is more, you'll be in trade, my friend.

with apologies to Rudyard Kipling...