About Dawn

Owner Dawn Riggs has had a lifelong interest in the natural environment and combines this with her love of crafts, including knitting, crochet, spinning and dyeing. Her driving passion for making things carefully and slowly, taking the time to enjoy the process as well as the finished project, has informed her choices of yarns and tools. She is passionate about natural fibres and the history behind the crafts we do today. Previously she has given talks and workshops at the Eden Project and local National Trust properties about a range of subjects relating to natural fibres and the crafts in which they are used. She is now using this knowledge to stock the shop with a range of exciting and inspiring items.

It is our aim to give friendly experienced help to all our customers to make sure they derive pleasure and success from their craft. We pride ourselves on spending time with our customers, helping them to choose appropriate yarns for their patterns and then offering assistance throughout their projects as required. Time is precious and good yarns are not to be wasted. If you have trouble understanding your pattern please just ask, never assume it’s you either, on occasions there can be errors in the pattern. We will sort this out for you.